Global Presence

In a short span, the company has marked his foot prints in 20 countries. And in pursuit of our endeavor to provide safe and efficacious options for patients we are striving hard in our development programs.
Onika Organics

Global Presence

The company has around 50 product registrations in hand and around 50 products are under registration phases in different countries, as mentioned below


Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Macau, Thailand, Turkey.

Euroasian Economic Union

Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Krygistan.


Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland.

Onika Organics

Business Partnership

Scientific break through is almost always the product of collaboration & Onika Organics places high value on partnering with companies and organization whose strengths complement and augment our own for mutual benefits. We look forward to have a long term collaborations with academic institutions & research companies to develop innovative new therapies & health related products for advance care of patients.